To provide world class service to our clients by offering creative and innovative solutions to meet their funding requirements. To hold our team to the highest standards of integrity for the benefit of our clients, constituents, and community. To be the global leader in commercial aircraft financing serving the needs of our clients in all aspects of the ownership cycle including PDP, acquisition, leasing, conversion, and tear down. Ultimately, to form long term relationships with our clients that allow them to successfully achieve their business ambitions.


AV AirFinance, in conjunction with KKR, is a new loan servicer in the commercial aviation space, arranging financing to airlines, cargo operators, lessors, manufacturers, and investors secured by new and used commercial aircraft and engines. The AV AirFinance team has decades of experience structuring commercial aircraft loan transactions, having worked at or for leading aviation finance houses like PK AirFinance (prior affiliate of GECAS), Goldman Sachs, CIT, and others. AV AirFinance, through its partnership with KKR, has the financial strength and the ability to arrange competitive financing for both single aircraft deals and large portfolios. This, along with the internal know-how of working with all transaction parties and their advisors, provides the ability to bring a transaction to a successful and on-time closing. AV AirFinance is an active market participant and, most recently, the AV AirFinance team assisted KKR with the purchase and ongoing servicing of the CIT Aviation loan portfolio.

From locations in Ireland and the US, the AV AirFinance team works together to serve the needs of airlines, lessors, and investors around the world. The senior members of the management and marketing teams have collectively financed over $25 billion of commercial aircraft during their careers. AV AirFinance goes far beyond traditional lenders due to its deeper understanding of the intrinsic value of the collateral. This allows the team at AV AirFinance to exceed our clients’ expectations as a result of the wider variety of lending options and terms we are able to offer.  It is our focus on the needs of our clients, backed by decades of experience and the financial support of KKR, that will allow AV AirFinance to quickly become a worldwide leader in the commercial aviation lending market.

AV AirFinance is a new loan servicing platform built upon the solid foundation of its senior management’s expertise. Allow them the opportunity to exceed your commercial aviation financing expectations.

With a group of experienced finance professionals and the support of KKR, we intend to become a global leader in commercial aviation lending, supporting the financing needs of airlines, lessors, manufacturers, and investors. 

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